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Questions and Answers

Many people have questions on the catholic faith and issues related to our faith. This section will attempt to answer those questions.

Q. Why do Roman Catholics pray to statues?
A. We do not pray to statues. That would be a sin, the sin of idolatry.
We use statues:
  1. To honor those we believe are in God's presence. We believe the saint is in God's presence because of the grace demonstrated in his or lifetime; and because of the responses received in our lifetime through the saint's prayers of intercession.
  2. To focus our attention not only on the person that God blessed in this life, but beyond the plaster or wood to the giver of all gifts, God himself.
Q. Why do Catholics pray to Mary?
A. The easiest way to explain this is in the form of an example.
Many times when people undergo hardship or difficulty in their life; or if they have something in their life they feel they need help with in a spiritual way, they often ask their friends to pray for them. To intercede as it were. We as Catholics believe what better person to ask to intercede for us than the Mother of God. She, who interceded at the wedding of Cana, continues to go to her Son for us. So, we do not pray to Mary but through her. We ask her to pray with us and for our needs.
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