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Introduction to October's Issue

Rev. Mark Connolly

As you know, the title of this magazine is SPIRITUALITY FOR TODAY . So that spirituality does not become an unappreciated word, I would like to share a few thoughts with you as to what spirituality should mean in your life.

MassSpirituality is being anchored to God. Spiritituality is being grafted to Christ. Spirituality is a solid relationship between you and the values of both God and Christ. You not only know these values, but you live them and bring them into your society.

Spirituality is Christlike language. All of us live in a time where the four letter words are common place. Whether it is the home, movies or television, this kind of language is an impediment to true spirituality. If your spirituality is genuine and it is linked to Christ, then you have to remember the Christ who walked the extra mile and turned the other cheek.

Spirituality is generosity of heart. Spirituality is the willingness to forgive seventy times seven. Spirituality, we know, has to become a reality if Northern Ireland is to have peace. Spirituality has to work the same way in the Middle East. Through spirituality we become an instrument of peace to those who live in darkness. Without spirituality we perpetuate the ignorance and darkness that has ripped apart our country. With spirituality the values of Christ live in each one of us and make our Church and country a better place to live.

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