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Keeping Your Home Sacred

Rev. Mark Connolly

Every person's home has to be considered sacred. No matter what attacks are waged against the home, none of us can sit back and fail to protect our mother, father, brothers and sisters. Wars destroy our homes and corrupt our values. Television does a lot of damage, but I think one of our greatest enemies is our apathy toward each other. If our home is to be sacred, you must not take any members of your family for granted.

If you read the gospel of Christ where he mentions that certain people have five talents, others have two talents and others have one talent, that is a lesson for all of us. We can never stop using our talents to protect our homes and the forces that have a tendency to destroy our homes. How do you keep a home together?

You assume personal responsibility. No one, no matter how few talents he might have, is exempt from trying to work for the salvation of the home. Every person can bring a degree of Christlike charity, Christlike compassion and Christlike consideration into their homes. This is the obligation and responsibility incumbent upon all of us so that our home is well protected against many of the factors and values that can so easily destroy our homes.

In the gospel of the talents, God reminds us to use our talents whether we are extremely gifted, average in our gifts or even below average. Those talents should first of all be directed toward the protection of the home. We can no longer blame all the external forces outside our home for the corruption of our value system. Every one has to analyze his conscience and decide if he is doing the best for his home or family. If you are indifferent or apathetic about your home, it does not take too long for it to disintegrate.

Every person must see in the other the image and likeness of God. This is how a Christlike home starts to develop.

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