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Introduction to December's Issue:

The Christmas Story

Rev. Mark Connolly

Probably no other day in the world calendar has been written about more than the day we celebrate the Birth of Christ. Christians and non Christians have for centuries heard about the crib, the star, the Holy Family, and the angels that are all part of the Christmas story.

Christmas, with all that has been said about it for centuries, has an impact on just about every family. At Christmas families get together, truces are established and attempts are made to bring the peace of the first Christmas into our land and our lives.

The Christmas story is told in a hundred different ways. For the Holy Family, it is a story of faith. It is a story of hope as seen from the eyes of the wise men. It is a story that reminds the world of a child who became a leader and spent his whole life bringing love and peace into the world.

We all know of the wars that countries have experienced since that first Christmas. But if it had not been for the birth of the Christ child, wars would have been more plentiful and violence always based on the theology of an eye for an eye.

Christmas should find us reflecting on the Christ child who tried to teach us to be better than we are.

The Birth of Christ is the most outstanding birth in history. The world was made better by a God who loved us so much that he died for us. The Birth of Christ came at a time when the problems of the people in the time of Christ were more painful than our every day living. People were in darkness. And a light, the light of Christ came into their lives. May that same light, may that same love, may the Spirit of Christ be with all of us during this Christmas Season.

"In those days
a decree went out
from Emperor Augustus
that all the world
should be registered.
Joseph also went. . .
to Bethlehem. . .
with Mary,
to whom he was engaged
and who was expecting a child."
-Luke 2:1,4-5

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