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The Priesthood

Teak Murphy

The priesthood is an aspect of Church life which is vitally important to the community. Priests administer the sacraments, serve Mass and have a wide variety of other jobs that are necessary to keep the Church running smoothly. However, in my experience, the most important function of a priest is the spiritual link which he provides to God.

When a person has a dilemma and is not sure which path to choose, priests are able to provide this person with the decision which would be most beneficial to them. This is because it is what God would want them to choose. A priest might be able to refer to a passage in the Bible that deals with the problem the person is facing. After seeing how Jesus says to act in a certain situation, it will become clear which is the best choice.

In today's society it is easy to lose touch with God if one becomes too caught up in the craziness of life. In these times it is often difficult to understand how God is present in us. A priest will be able to show the person that God is in fact helping through all the pain and troubles, and if one chooses to follow God, choices will be easier to make.

I have attended a Jesuit high school and have had a number of priests for teachers. In addition to this I have grown close to my parish priests through my participation in a Church Youth Group. As a result of my interaction with these priests I have learned a great deal about God and His importance in my life. It is amazing to hear some of the stories the priests have to tell. For them, to have chosen to follow God, make it their career and the focus of their life, something very profound must have driven them. Listening to their stories about how God has led them through life and all the hardships they have encountered along the way makes it blatantly clear that not only there is a God, but if we follow Him we will attain eternal happiness.

Priests have truly been touched by God. If they have been touched by God, then through our relationships with them we, too, can become closer to God. Whenever you need help, you can turn to a priest for advice on how Jesus would act. I will close by asking you: What have your priests done for you? What have you done for your priests? What has God done for you? What have you done for God? How much better could your life be if you placed it in God's hands? Why don't you talk with a priest and find out?

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