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Introduction to A New Year

Rev. Mark Connolly

One year has passed since we started bringing you SPIRITUALITY FOR TODAY. During that time we have received hundreds of pieces of e-mail. During that time we have received hundreds of suggestions as to how to improve SPIRITUALITY FOR TODAY. For all of your letters, for all of your suggestions, we are grateful, very grateful.

The next year we hope to bring you a series of topics that you will find equally rewarding, equally challenging. If there is a certain degree of success due to SPIRITUALITY FOR TODAY it is because of readers like yourself and we need more of them. Your ideas, your suggestions for themes, the topics you want discussed have been of tremendous help to us and we hope you will continue sending in your suggestions and e-mail letters.

One of the problems we have in producing a magazine like SPIRITUALITY FOR TODAY (in addition to the financial) is making this magazine more widely known and it is here that we need your help. Again, word of mouth, making people aware of this magazine, bringing it into wherever you work, all of these increase our circulation. We have a very selective, highly intelligent audience. We would like you to share SPIRITUALITY FOR TODAY with more of them.

In the spirit of being apostles, you are asked to bring the Gospel of Christ to different parts of the environment in which you work. Your neighbor, your co-worker, your friends, all can be enriched by this magazine and the missionary work of Christ is done when you bring this magazine to others. Most of us will never have the chance to be foreign missionaries bringing the Gospel to people of different lands, but some of us have the opportunity to be local missionaries in bringing the message of Christ through our magazine, SPIRITUALITY FOR TODAY, to others.

Just think of the good you are doing when you recognize in your own, quiet, silent, apostolic way, you bring the spirit of Christ to others. You can do it by spreading the knowledge of SPIRITUALITY FOR TODAY.

As I said a few paragraphs ago, we are very grateful to the thousands of people who have shown their enthusiasm for this magazine. You, the readers, have made it a success by actively participating. We thrive on your letters. We thrive on your e-mail responses and we certainly will thrive on any publicity you can give to make this magazine better known.

I would love it if a year from now through your efforts and the efforts of our staff, we can double the readership of what we have today. I am sure that this can be done if you show the same zeal and enthusiasm in the future that you have shown in the past. SPIRITUALITY FOR TODAY is a success because of you. We hope you will share this successful story with others by introducing them to SPIRITUALITY FOR TODAY.

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