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Questions Concerning Church Theology

These were some of the questions concerning Church Theology we received. If you have any questions or comments concerning Church Theology, do not hesitate to e-mail us. We will certainly try to answer them.

Q. Why do Roman Catholics pray to statues?

A. Catholics do not pray to statues. This would be a sin, the sin of idolatry. The reasons for the statues are:

1. To honor those we believe who are in God's presence. We believe this because of the grace worked in their lives while they were alive. We also believe this because of the response received from their prayers of intercession.

2. Statues direct our attention, not only to the person that God has blessed in this life, statues help the people who are praying to look beyond the plaster or wood to the giver of all gifts, God himself.

Q. Why do Catholics pray to Mary?

A. The easiest way to explain this is in the form of an example: Many times when people are undergoing hardship or difficulty in their life they will ask prayers from their friends, they ask them to intercede. For Catholics, next to Christ, there is no better person to ask then the Mother of God. She interceded at the wedding feast of Cana. She continues to intercede for us today. We do not pray to Mary, but through her. We ask her to pray with us.

Q. I am quite perplexed. I thought the cross was something sacred and yet I see it being used in a superficial manner by young people as well as adults. What is the symbolism of the Cross?

A. Most of us cannot make judgements concerning the state of spirituality of other people. Inasmuch as Christ died upon the cross for everyone, every one feels that he or she has the right to wear that cross. Basically, the symbol of the cross is a reminder of the love of Christ for every one of us. It is a reminder that if Christ had to hang on the cross today as he did 2000 years ago he would. It is a sign of his great personal love for us. It is not a good luck charm. It has nothing to do with superstition. It is just a reminder of the infinite love that God's son showed for us on Good Friday. It is also a reminder of our call to holiness. Our call to be generous. Our call to bring that same love of Christ into this world. It is a sacred symbol. It commemorates the greatest love story in the world.

Q. Can you share some thought with me on prayer. I pray, but oftentimes it seems my prayers are not answered.

A. Prayer, basically as we were taught, is the lifting of our minds and hearts to God. It is our way of growing in spirituality and holiness while we are on this earth. Prayer links us to God. Prayer unites us to God. Our personal prayer does not mean God will stop everything and give us the particular request we are asking for. Prayer, more often, is not a question of what we expect from God. Prayer is a reminder of what God expects from us. Every prayer might not be answered our way, but every prayer is answered according to the plan of God. A good prayer life demands a lot of prayer. A good prayer life demands confidence in God. A good prayer life demands patience. God has told us in the new testament he will not leave us orphans. We can easily see he will not leave our prayers unanswered.

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