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In Gratitude

Dorothy Riera

As we celebrate the first anniversary of SPIRITUALITY FOR TODAY on the Internet, we would like to share with you, our readers, some of the e-mail we received throughout the year. Your response was overwhelming and we wish we could print all of it.

We thank you for your words of encouragement, your opinions and your time. You, the readers, have made it possible for us to continue our endeavor. We feel we have achieved our purpose, to inspire and bring a sense of spirituality and relief into the very hectic life we all live. And so, we hope you continue to read and enjoy the magazine in the year to come.

Our desire is to reach out to people of diverse religions and we ask you to let us know what subject matters you would like to see in the future issues of SPIRITUALITY FOR TODAY.

Once again, from all of us, thank you for a wonderful year.

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I really enjoyed your article on students heading off to college. During my first semester it was difficult to find a spiritual home outside of my church back home. Your article really inspired me to find one while I'm away. - 20 year old student.

Interesting. My works as a Campus Minister at a Catholic University means that I am always on the lookout for good sites to suggest to staff and students! - Teacher in Austria

Thanks for this online magazine. Great material. I am director of an Interfaith AIDS Network. We are a day program that addresses the spiritual and emotional needs/dimension of people living with AIDS. "Spirituality for Today" is very helpful for this ministry. Thanks for the good work.

I really enjoyed reading the issue on the Priesthood and vocations. As a possible seminarian, it helped me with some answers to some questions I had.

Fabulous - especially this issue with articles on Eucharist, which has been the center of my life for the past 40 years - indeed, it is my very life.

I am very impressed! I'm printing a couple of the articles to show a friends -- we were talking about the possibilities of an electronic magazine and this is an excellent example. Also, your April issue is rather timely for my wife and I since we teach the First Communion class in our parish religious ed program.

After viewing some selections from past issues, I am looking forward to reading both your future issues and those past issues I did not read yet. Thank you for maintaining an interactive site on spirituality!

This is a wonderful magazine that offers terrific insights into ones own spirituality.

By chance I ran into your page. Nice design, interesting content. I am a Passionist working in the Press Office of the Holy See. We Passionists are almost non existing on the Internet. I am proud of you. May God bless your work.

I appreciate your opening remarks on priests, you know their frailties, their weaknesses, etc. It shows humility and openness. I was a victim of priest abuse, have forgiven him and prayed for him. I will also pray for those who never forgive their priest who let them down.

This is the best thing that I have found on the Internet so far!!! Thank you!

I appreciate all your efforts to provide good quality information. Please keep it up. Thank you and God bless you.

Marvelous. Superb layout - very inviting. Interesting content. It is nice to see a human approach rather than a pious one. It give me a warm feeling. Thank you - United Kingdom.

My connections are not so good. I am from Croatia. We are still not developed. I am a priest. Is it possible to mail or e-mail me every new issue. I will be very thankful.

This is one of the best, if not the best, web site for information on spirituality in the Christian faith. Very inspiring and enlightening reading. Thanks.

I am still reading the first issue, but so far I have found it to be simply outstanding! The articles are truly inspirational, and I will tell my friends who have access to the net about the site. An excellent job, keep up the good work.

I am excited about this format for spreading the good news! And I am looking forward to reading sound articles about our faith here. I am also glad to see our own Bishop Egan here - didn't expect that. When I signed on I did not know where this site originated from. I think it is kinda neat! Also think that you should consider an area in this site that will excite the teens and young adults who find this medium so exciting. God bless!!!

Sorry, I commented before I read the mag. True response after reading: Great!!!! Keep it up. Loved the mind of Christ article and the story by Bishop Egan. Thanks, God bless.

I've been on Internet just two weeks and am amazed at the quantity and the quality of Catholic information on line. Didn't know anything about it until I got on line myself. Your magazine is magnificent!

I grew up Catholic, although I have many questions in my head. I would like someone to contact me if possible.

Very good. I do considerable research on early church history and doctrine and have found the Catholic services available to be of great help. Your devotionals are excellent and well presented.

The articles are well written, meaningful and have inspired me to examine my life. Thank you.

As a Presbyterian Pastor with a daughter who is a Benedictine Sister, I have more than one reason for being interested in your newsletter.

I was very happy to find this magazine and was wondering if I can use some of the articles in my campus ministry bulletin! You are doing a great job!

I really enjoyed the January magazine. I was in a minor seminary in high school. I really enjoyed it and I was so close to Jesus during those four years of my life. That was 18 years ago but the opportunity to learn and develop a prayer life will be with me forever. I'm married now with two children. I teach religion class at our Church. I would love to do a class on vocations and this magazine has inspired me to do it.

Thanks for the articles. The Stations of the Cross reflections are just what I need right now.

In responding to your article from the February issue, I just want to give you my view of friendship. To me a friend is kind, giving and loving, understanding, thoughtful and available. If you want to laugh, cry or just talk, he or she is there for you to share with you. If not immediately, then as soon as possible. However, you must be just as much of a friend, and just as available. A friend is someone whom you can always be yourself with, good or not so good; he or she will still love you and will understand. Nothing is more valuable than a good friend. He or she should be forever treasured.

Just a note to say thank you for all your hard work and efforts in publishing Spirituality for Today. This is one of my favorite sites to visit. December's issue was especially touching for this time of year. Merry Christmas, Peace, Happiness and Love in 1996. And May God Bless You.

Just a quick note to wish you and all who work on Spirituality for Today a Happy and Blessed Easter. Keep up your good work. I always enjoy reading your words and look forward to a new issue each month.

Especially enjoyed the April issue with the article by Joseph Hickey on the Eucharist. Thank you also for the poetry.

As a person who is trying to give the best of myself to my family, I have had difficulty in finding what the best of me really is. Your article titled "No Telescoping" was an inspiration as I was a non-Catholic when my wife and I were married. The articles I have read so far have been very interesting and thought provoking.

PAX! Just read about it in the March 21 edition of Our Sunday Visitor. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have not even looked at it, but just the article in SV leads me to believe it will be a tremendous success. God does indeed work in mysterious ways!

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