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Spiritual Journey

by Ilene T. Gallo

We pilgrims on the journey
need many things to ease the way;
The light, the path, sustenance,
and some kindred spirits for company.
The reason for the journey
is never clear when we start out;
Awakened we find the road ahead
without knowing what it's about.
Trudging on--sometimes light-hearted;
sometimes tired, cold, and worn,
Many attractive places beckon us
to rest and of cares be shorn.
Sometimes we stop and find ourselves
caught in a web of deceit;
Other times by luck we have found
a place of sanctuary and retreat.
Sometimes we take the wrong path
and feel it in heart and limb,
We turn around and start again
it seems an awful climb.

Our hearts begin to notice one day
the light is especially warm;
We recognize transcendence
in other-worldly form.
When we realize God's magnanimous love
and overwhelming generosity,
Overwhelming grief for sin and wrong
are what we have to confess and remedy.
God's eager reconciliation may seem to make us spin
We don't deserve to be God's heirs
but Christ took on our sin.

And now we know our journey
is the means to spread good news
Walking taller and full or love
we show by example our Christian views.
Once our sustenance was earthly bread,
but we were hungry again.
Only bread and wine of Eucharist
sustains us from beginning to life's end.

The World is waiting for us
to show her the New Age.
It was here all along
but many in darkness still do rage.
We have the light,
and path and food that they are waiting for.
Either we are just another pilgrim
whom they pass in their search for distance shore,
or we can be the doorway to God's love
that makes them search no more.

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