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Good News

by the Rev. Mark Connolly

The Resurrection of Christ has been talked about and studied for hundreds of years. Some will explain the mystery of the empty tomb from their practical vantage point, others will contest that it never really happened. St. Paul has beautifully summed up the resurrection message when he said, "if Christ is not risen then our faith is in vain."

Every Christian theologian of any good merit constantly reminds us during these days that Christ has risen. He has achieved a great victory over fear and death. He has provided for us a new lifestyle that is unlike anything on earth. We have the eternal life.

If you read the New Testament you will find the phrase eternal life is mentioned over 600 times. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John all mention this expression whether you interpret eternal life to be as unending happiness or paradise or home with God, it is a reminder that all of us have an eternal destiny with Jesus Christ. This is the son of God who could never lie to us nor deceive us. He told us that he was going ahead to prepare a place for those who have served and loved him on earth and he reminds us that in his Father's house there are many missions.

And so the Easter Season is one of great joy because it reminds us of the great joy that awaits us. The Easter Season is one of great happiness because it reminds us of a homecoming with Christ who awaits those who find him on earth. There is no such thing as bad news in heaven. The good news is that because of the Resurrection of Christ every reader can look forward to a place of eternal joy prepared for them by the Christ who died on Calvary.

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