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A Letter to the Editor


We are deeply honored to write a few words on this, such a memorable and unforgettable occasion. We have known Fr. Mark only a few years. But, he has undoubtedly become a very treasured part of our lives. His boundless kindness and graciousness to all whom he has encountered during his lifetime are unequivocal. His journey has enriched the lives of all the people whom he has touched.

The great Spanish poet and essayist, Don Miguel de Unamuno, once said of Don Quixote, "Thy triumph, my Don Quixote, was ever a triumph of daring not of succeeding." We respectfully change the words of the most beloved poet and say,

"Thy triumph, our dearest Fr. Mark, was ever a triumph of daring and of succeeding." Like that errant and valorous knight, who pursued his glorious quest, you battled the windmills and you conquered.

You dared to break ground among the media. You had the vision to create a television Mass for the shut-ins when none existed. You succeeded in creating a radio show that is transmitted throughout the country. And not happy with that, you embraced the latest technology and have broken the confines of our country and you have reached the world through the Internet. You have gone beyond the boundaries and beyond the borders and you have brought comfort and spirituality to many.

And so our dear friend, like that indelible Man from la Mancha, who dared to fight the unbeatable foe, who dared to dream the impossible dream, you have with kindness, dignity and courage reached the unreachable Star.

Thank you, Father, for gracing our lives.

Your staff,

May 3, 1997

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