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by the Rev. Mark Connolly

Recreation and vacation are words of magic that give a zest to everyone's life. We might complain about the preparation, but fundamentally, all of us like recreation and vacation time. Whether it breaks up a busy working year or a dull job, vacation does stimulate each one of us. And God knows because of all the pressures and demands placed on people's vacation this isn't just a luxury, it is a necessity.

Recreation time helps us to get in touch with our feelings. Very few people think of vacation time and connect it with spirituality. But recreation and spirituality are so interconnected. A sunrise in California, a sunset in Cape Cod, the beautiful power of the Atlantic Ocean waves, the serenity of a lake remind us of a God who created colors and patterns that make up the tapestry we call earth so that we could enjoy his work and artistry. And vacation time does help us enjoy all these artistic works of God in a less hurried way throughout the year.

With all of the beauty of nature, man's relationship to God has to be uniquely experienced. God and man are united in the majestic view of a sunset. God and man experience a kinship in the power of an ocean.

After a vacation we go back to our routine way of life. But a good vacation does help our spirituality. God is seen from a different way of life. We know from our basic theological training that God is everywhere. But vacation time, when we see the power and majesty of God's handiwork, vacation time reminds us of the spiritual in a most personal way.

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