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Meditation from Mother Teresa to God, the Father

Jesus was so sure of His Fatherís love for Him,
and for His love for His Father,
that all the time He wanted to make us realize
how much the Father loves us too.
God loves us tenderly with a love He has proved...
And so tender is His love
that He will never force Himself on us Ė
God will never disturb a soul,
rather, He draws a soul,
God lifts a soul,
and then fills it with His love.
God cannot fill what is already full though,
and that is why we need to be empty
for Him to be able to fill us.
That is why, if we want to feel His presence,
we need a pure heart Ė
for a pure heart can see God Ė
and if we see God
then thatís the beginning of love:
our love for God
and Godís love for us.

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