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Search For God

I sought His love in lore of books,
In charts of science’s skill;
They left me orphaned as before --
His love eluded still;
Then in despair I breathed a prayer;
The Lord of Love was standing there!

I sought His love in sun and stars,
And where the wild seas roll,
And found it not. As mute I stood,
Fear overwhelmed my soul;
But when I gave to one in need,
I found the Lord of Love indeed.

- Thomas Curtis Clark

The Essence of Religion

The efficacy of religion lies precisely in that
which is not rational, philosophic, nor external;
its efficacy lies in the unforeseen,
the miraculous, the extraordinary.
Thus religion attracts more devotion in proportion as it demands more faith — that is to say,
as it becomes more incredible to the profane mind.
The philosopher aspires to explain away all mysteries,
to dissolve them into light.
It is mystery, on the other hand,
which religious instinct demands and pursues;
it is mystery which constitutes the essence of worship...
No positive religion can survive the supernatural element,
which is the reason for its existence.

- Henri-Frederic Amiel

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