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Back To School

by Catherine Gonzalez

Back to school. These three words have acquired a variety of meanings during my fourteen year career as a student. Its effects have evolved with the passage of time. But it has always triggered immense emotions, some of which have been unforgettable. Ever since elementary school returning to school meant a deep feeling of sadness, as I would temporarily say goodbye to three months of waking up late, reading absolutely nothing that wasn't cartoons, and spending glorious days with my mother, who I considered my best friend in the whole world.

When I entered high school, back to school brought entirely different emotions. Of course I was sad that summer was over, but high school meant seeing close friends, going to parties, and playing the sports I adored. I truly enjoyed going back to school because it meant so much more than just doing homework and taking tests. But now in the third stage of my life as a student, back to school becomes a complicated affair in which feelings become confused as sadness is mixed with joy. Going away to college has in many ways changed my life and returning will make the following months very interesting. Going to college two thousand miles away from home was a very difficult decision, specially when I had always been very close to my family and friends. Now, as I get ready to become a second year student, the journey back to school is easier in some ways but still brings bittersweet feelings. College represents great challenges, not only classes getting harder and the amount of work becomes greater, but we are faced with new situations in which we need to use our brand new independence and make decisions of our own. Home is where my family is, the place where I can feel protected and happy. Back to school for me now is that transition between home and school, the period of time when the sadness of going away is mixed with the excitement of starting a new school year and all it may bring.

This year going back to school represents the desire to become a better person through tough classes and personal growth while reflecting back upon the wonders of summer, family life and friendship.

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