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Regaining Truth In Our Society

by Rev. Mark Connolly

Most Americans believe that their country is the greatest country in the world. And I am sure that if you talked to other people from different lands, they would have the same sense of pride concerning their country. For Americans, this is a difficult time considering what is happening in our White House. Even though we are not as old as China or Egypt, we do have periodic reminders of the traditions that give many Americans so many moments of pride. We are proud of the fact that the attack on Pearl Harbor on American service people was turned around and became an American Victory. We are proud as Americans that we had a hand in bringing down the Berlin Wall. We are proud of the fact that in countries victimized by earthquakes, they can expect help and aid from us. We are proud of the fact that we have made a home for millions of immigrants from all over the world. We know, as a country, we are not perfect. But we know we try to help the downtrodden and depressed.

But this situation in Washington really stabs at the American conscience. For Americans, who are so generous to the world, having a president's sex life talked about all over the country and the world is an embarrassment. For media broadcasters and print makers constantly feeding this to the American public causes one to wonder if they have any sensitivity to impressionable viewers and listeners. Isn't it sad that our legislators who know so much from Thomas Jefferson and all the congressional and senatorial personalities from the past, lack the greatness of their predecessors? There is no doubt we have some great leaders in our country who can rise above their parties and partisanship. But, oftentimes, you wonder where they are.

When you analyze all that is taking place in Washington today, we have to step back and realize we are part of the problem. When you figure this president won because half of the American population did not vote, it should cause us to think, especially those who did not vote, are we part of the problem. When you think of the broadcasters and news print people who have been filling our minds with statements such as a "high governmental figure" or a "member of the cabinet who does not want to be identified" and then use those statements and comments based on inference and innuendo, you wonder how much "total truth", how many "objective facts" are we getting. We know they have to keep their ratings high and newspapers selling. Why do we patronize them? Isn't it ironic that we accuse the president of not telling the whole truth, accuse him of not being totally honest with the American people. Yet, aren't we just as guilty of spreading information that has so little regard for the truth. Why don't we turn them off.

When you hear all the pieces of information that are offered to us on a daily basis, you have to step back and do your own analyzing, your own appraisal of what is essential, accidental and even distorted.

Many centuries ago, Pontius Pilate asked, "what is truth?" The question as it pertains to Washington has still to be answered. In the meantime, each one has to develop an individual spirituality based on the teaching of Christ. Centuries ago he told his followers, "I am the way, the truth and the life."

The lack of truth associated with Washington from all areas reminds us of the importance of being anchored to God and grafted to Christ. It helps us not only to find the truth, but to regain the sense of pride we had in being called an American.

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