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by Cathy Gonzalez

Christmas is one of the most celebrated and longed-for holidays in the world. Millions of people celebrate this holiday in their own ways; but it always symbolizes a moment of joy and celebration. For me, Christmas ultimately means the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, his extraordinary presence in the world and the symbolic meaning of his death. December 25th means love, the magic of God's love towards us. Many of us have been confused about the true meaning of Christmas as this holiday's proximity draws near. Our culture has become impregnated with the commercial aspect of Christmas. Many times, I have been engrossed with the idea of buying and receiving gifts, as well as enjoying the weeks of vacation and relaxation revolving around the frenzy of presents, parties and dinners. We can sometimes forget the true meaning of this holiday. While fun and relaxation are not negative things, we must always remember that Christmas is the birth of Jesus Christ - the Savior of humanity. God's caring and love are the meaning of Jesus' birth, a love that overflows throughout the entire world.

Christmas for me will be returning home from college and spending time with my family and friends. It will be a time of joy and happiness and a moment to celebrate and give thanks to God's love. We must strive to enjoy the holidays with the clear idea that they are a celebration of the love derived from Jesus' birth.

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