The Crucifix: A Sign Of True Love

by Rev. Mark Connolly

This Easter I would like to reflect on the Resurrection of Christ and what it should mean to Christians all over the world.

The subject of love is both simple and complicated. For better or worse, our temperaments and dispositions have been influenced by the amount of love that we have received or the amount of love we have been denied.

Eric Fromm in his work "The Art of Loving" once said that love has to be developed in a series of attitudes based on a model or an inspiration.

Malcolm Muggeridge virtually said the same thing when he said the cross of Christ is the greatest visual aid the world has ever seen. He said in every cross there is the history and theology of love.

The poet Shelley said the word love is the most abused word in the English language. He said it is identified with sex or romance and biology.

Jesus Christ taught about the subject of love as no other person. His word, "a new commandment I give you, that you love one another as I have loved you." Those were the words he spoke about. His acts of love to the lepers, to the Prodigal Son, to the Good Thief, all were reminders of his idea of love in action. Christ's life concerning love was a mixture of words and actions. Love in the life of Christ was also a constant mixture of generosity of spirit and service. To be able to give and then to forgive, this is all part of the generosity of spirit handed down to us by Christ. To reach out to be compassionate, to feed the hungry, to clothe the naked, this is all part of the generosity of service associated with the life of Christ.

There is little doubt in most theologians minds that the crucifixion is the most powerful visual aid our world has. For the crucifix and the sacrifice it conveys, it shows us what true love is all about.

To simplify this concept of love, all you have to do is reflect and think that this is what God's son did for me. Reflection on the crucifixion, meditating on what it means, makes our life less complicated. It helps us to become disciples and ambassadors of Christ. And we need good ambassadors and disciples like you.

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