Ave Maria

by Lord George Noel Gordon Byron (1788-1824)

Ave Maria! o'er the earth and sea,
That heavenliest hour of heaven is worthiest thee!
Ave Maria! blessed be the hour
The time, the chime, the spot where I so oft
Have felt that moment in its fullest power
Sink o'er the earth so beautiful and soft
While swung the deep bell in the distant tower,
Or the faint dying day hymn stole aloft,
And not a breath crept through the rosy air,
And yet the forest leaves seem'd stirr'd with prayer.

Ave Maria! 'tis the hour of prayer;
Ave Maria! 'tis the hour of love;
Ave Maria! may our spirits dare
Look up to thine and to thy Son's above;
Ave Maria! oh, that face so fair,
Those downcast eyes beneath the Almighty Dove!

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