Eucharistic Prayer Offering

Eternal Father,
through the Immaculate Heart of Mary,
I offer to Your Divine Majesty
Your Beloved Son,
The Lamb of God,
in the Holy Sacrifice of the Cross,
present on our altars in Holy Mass.
I offer myself in complete surrender
to Your will in union with Jesus'
own oblation to You.
United to all the member of His Mystical Body,
the Church,
we make up in ourselves
what is wanting of the salvific passion
of Jesus
by our complete obedience and abandonment.
We rejoice in the Holy Spirit
for the promise
of the glory
of His resurrection.

Lord Jesus,
unite us to Yourself
and to one another
by the grace of Communion,
either sacramentally or spiritually.
I love You.
I will live and die
in Your love
given in the Eucharistic Sacrifice.

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