This coming August we celebrate our fifth year of publishing. During those five years, we have received thousands of e-mail letters. No matter what season, no matter what year, the most common request we get is information pertaining to the Catholic Church and the subject of annulments.

We all know that there are many happily married couples. What we are trying to address in this issue is directed toward those who are in unhappy relationships and still have a desire to stay close to the Eucharist and the Catholic Church.

This edition on annulments answers many of the questions that we have received in letter form over the last five years.

An annulment is a declaration that two people made a legitimate mistake, want to rectify it and still have a strong relationship to the Church of their baptism.

We hope this edition answers some of your questions pertaining to annulments. If it does, we are very happy. If it does not, we hope you will write us with any thoughts you think have to be clarified.

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