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About the Authors

Rev. Mark Connolly was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. In 1970 he started THE SUNDAY MASS on television in the New York Area. In 1993, Fr. Connolly was named the Director of Radio and Television in the Diocese of Bridgeport. He is well known in the field of Radio and Television. Presently, Father is the host of an ABC syndicated show called THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK which is aired every Sunday morning throughout the country.

Rev. Raymond K. Petrucci was ordained for the Diocese of Bridgeport in 1973. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from St. Francis College in Loretto, Pennsylvania, a Master of Divinity from St. Mary Seminary and University in Baltimore, Maryland, and a Doctor of Ministry from the Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley in California.

Rev. Chris Walsh is a native of Bridgeport, Connecticut. He holds Ph.D. in systematic theology from the Catholic University of America in Washington D.C. Presently, he is the Director for Vocations in the Diocese of Bridgeport.

Christopher Thacker took his undergraduate degree at Yale University in 1998. He has taught at Kolbe-Cathedral Catholic High School in the inner- city at Bridgeport, Connecticut. In August he will begin studies for the diocesan priesthood at the Pontifical North American College and Jesuit Gregorian University, both in Rome.

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