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  A Christian Faith Magazine June 2003, Volume 8, Issue 11  
Encourage and Compliment
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This editorial has one purpose - to help you encourage and compliment those with whom you live and work.

Just think of this. God gives each one of us 1440 minutes per day. How much of it is spent in encouraging and complimenting others?

The average American family spends about 25 to 35 hours per week watching television. And without over stating most of what is seen, especially along the lines of news and current events it is quite depressing. When you add that depressing kind of news and information to what we see in the print media, such as taxes, people out of work, people living just above or below the poverty climate, life for many people is not a happy experience. Oh, I know things could be worse. We are not living in Bangladesh, we are not living in the war torn countries of Afghanistan or Iraq. But we are living in a country where many of our forefathers, through the various wars we have been involved in, have paid a price in blood, sweat and tears so that we could enjoy the four freedoms we have that no other country has. And even though at this stage in our country we have many benefits, each one in your family and mine is always in need of more compliments and more encouragement. Years ago when people came to this country the battles they fought as immigrants were getting a job, coping with a new language, a new set of values in a new country. Today the average American is experiencing not only the same physical problem, but psychological problems associated with stress and tension our grandparents never experienced. And almost everyone in this country is enriched by a compliment from you or a few words of encouragement.

When you analyze the members of your family, what do you lose when you encourage or compliment some member of your family? When you meet some of the members of the Armed Forces who fought for us in Iraq and Afghanistan, what does it cost any of us to say well done, mission accomplished?

The spoken word is one of the most powerful weapons in the world. Anyone in the media can give a series of negative thoughts. That helps boost their ratings. But the person who speaks with the charity and compassion of Christ, the person who imitates Christ and compliment and encourages others that person is enriching not only his family and friends, that person is enriching our country. That person is bringing Christ to others. And our world needs Christ at this time.

Boy Near Water

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