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  A Christian Faith Magazine October 2003, Volume 9, Issue 3  
Apostle of the Month
SS. Simon and Jude, or Thaddeaus
Apostles (First Century)
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St. Jude
St. Jude
St. Simon
St. Simon

St. Simon is surnamed the Cananean or Zelotes in the Holy Scriptures, words which both mean "the Zealous". Some have mistakenly thought that the first of these names was meant to imply that St. Simon was born at Cana in Galilee. The name refers to his zeal for the Jewish law before his call, and does not necessarily mean that he was one of that particular party among the Jews called Zealots. No mention of him appears in the gospels beyond that he was chosen among the apostles. Western tradition recognized in the Roman liturgy is that, after preaching in Egypt, he joined St. Jude from Mesopotamia and that they went as missionaries for some years to Persia, suffering martyrdom there.

The apostle Jude (Judas), also called Thaddeus (or Lebbeus), " the brother of James", is usually regarded as the brother of St. James the Less. It is not known when and by what means he became a disciple of Christ, nothing having been said of him in the gospels before we find him enumerated among the apostles. The history of St. Jude after our Lord's ascension and the descent of the Holy Spirit is as unknown as that of St. Simon. Jude's name is borne by one of the canonical epistles, which has much in common with the second epistle of St. Peter.

Prayer to St. Jude

To be said when problems arise
or when one seems to be deprived
of all visible help,
or for cases almost despaired of.
Most holy apostle, St. Jude,
faithful servant and friend of Jesus,
the Church honors and invokes you universally,
as the patron of hopeless cases,
of things almost despaired of.
Pray for me,
I am so helpless and alone.
Make use I implore you,
of that particular privilege given to you,
to bring visible and speedy help
where help is almost despaired of.
Come to my assistance in this great need
that I may receive the consolation and help
of heaven in all my necessities, tribulation and sufferings,
particularly - (here make your request)
and that I may praise God with you
and all the elect forever.
I promise,
O blessed St. Jude,
to be ever mindful of this great favor,
to always honor you as my special and powerful patron,
and to gratefully encourage devotion to you.

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