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  A Christian Faith Magazine November 2003, Volume 9, Issue 4  
Pray for Our Deceased

Rev. Mark Connolly
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During the month of November, the Catholic Church for centuries has had a special place in its liturgy for those who have died and gone back to God. This year we should keep in mind, not only our deceased family and friends, but in particular all those who have lost their lives in Iraq and the Middle East. This is the month to think of the mothers and fathers who have lost sons and daughters, of wives who have lost husbands and husbands who have lost wives, or the children who have lost a father or mother. This month is also a reminder to take a few minutes to thank God that we have so many dedicated men and women. When Jesus Christ said, greater love does one have than to lay down one's life for a friend. There is no doubt that no one has a greater degree of love than those who have made a sacrifice for us and the world. I think Christ would have a great degree of love were he in our midst today and personally thank those who gave up their lives for strangers.

The month of November is a reminder to all of us to pray for our deceased relatives and friends, mothers and fathers, brothers and sister, but it should be a personal reminder to all of us to keep in mind that people are making the supreme sacrifice so we can have the four freedoms to live in our great country. They gave their lives and the least we can do is remember them in our prayers especially during this month dedicated to the poor souls.

To die in peace with God
is the culmination of any human life.
Of those who have died in our houses,
I have never seen anyone die in despair or cursing.
They have all died serenely.
I took a man I had pick up from the street
To our Home for the Dying in Calcutta.
When I was leaving,
he told me,
AI have lived like an animal on the streets,
but I am going to die like an angel.
I will die smiling.
He did die smiling,
because he felt loved
and surrounded by care.
This is the greatness of our poor!

- Mother Teresa

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