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  A Christian Faith Magazine January 2004, Volume 9, Issue 6  
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St. Timothy - January 26
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St. Timothy
St. Timothy

According to Acts of the Apostles, Timothy was from Lystra, Lycaonia. His father was a Gentile, but his mother was a converted Christian. When Paul came to Lystra, he met Timothy and was so impressed by his character that Paul made Timothy a disciple, despite his young age.

Unafraid of the hardships and dangers his new life would bring, Timothy accompanied Paul on his second missionary trip. When Paul had to leave Beroea because of hostilities, Timothy stayed behind to help organize the new converts.

Later, Paul sent Timothy to Thessalonica, where the new Christians were suffering persecution. Timothy was probably with Paul when he was imprisoned at Caesarea and Rome, and Timothy was imprisoned himself for a short time.

Timothy's relationship with Paul was more than that of fellow disciples, Paul considered Timothy to be as close as a beloved son or brother. In a letter to the Philipians, Paul wrote that no one shared his sentiments as closely as Timothy.

Paul also wrote two letters to Timothy, the last one from Rome, when Paul as waiting to be executed. In the letters, Paul encouraged Timothy and warned him of dangers against the early Church.

Before Paul died, according to tradition, he made Timothy Bishop of Ephesus, a crucial position in the early Church. He remained there until he was much older, when it is believed he was beaten to death with clubs because he opposed a pagan festival. Timothy was a dedicated missionary whose life with Paul is a moving example of the fellowship among early Christians.

Dear Saint,
well known for your gentleness,
you were a most faithful disciple of Saint Paul,
and like him traveled much to bring the Good News
to all people.
The Letters Paul wrote to you
reveal your zeal and inspire us
with confidence in you.
You too were cast into prison
and you too gave your life for Christ.
So with confidence we dare to ask,
please obtain relief for us
if it be God's will.

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