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  A Christian Faith Magazine March 2004, Volume 9, Issue 8  

Rev. Mark Connolly
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One of the words in our English vocabulary that does not get too much thought is the word sacrifice. We can look at the people in Haiti and Bangladesh who are struggling to survive and we never really think that the sacrifices they make for survival have any relevancy to us. In the gospel we are taught to be our brother's keeper. In the gospel we are taught to be good Samaritans. In the gospel we are taught about the sacrifice Christ made for us on the Cross which in effect is a reminder of the sacrifices that we have to make for each other. Sacrifice is something in the minds of people that other people should do. When you recognize it, when we sacrifice we do something in imitation of Christ who sacrificed his life on the Cross for us. When we sacrifice psychologically we make someone's life better, no matter how small our sacrifice might be on their behalf. When we sacrifice sociologically, whether it is in the form of a gift to the poor or a cake sent to a nursing home, we are making the lives of these people that much happier because someone took the time to think about them.

Any couple who gets married knows that sacrifice is an absolute necessity for the vocation to which God has called them. All of this talk today about gay marriages must include the word sacrifice in a most unique way. Historically and theologically, in the teachings of Christ and His Church, marriage is between a man and woman. This is a hard saying for gay personalities, but this is the sacrifice they have to make as Christians. In the priesthood, it is the same. Unless you are willing to sacrifice your life and energy for others in imitation of Christ your priesthood will be a very dull experience. Every aspect of life becomes more worthwhile when the element of sacrifice is a constant reality in our every day way of living. Jesus Christ once said greater love than this, no one has than he who lays down his life for a friends. While on this earth and while on this Cross, he taught the same lesson that sacrifice is not only worthwhile, it helps us grow in sanctity while we are on this earth.


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