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  A Christian Faith Magazine May 2004, Volume 9, Issue 10  
Blame Game

Rev. Mark Connolly
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Not too long ago I was at the local police station where three teenagers were arrested for speeding. They were traveling 57 miles an hour in a 25 mile an hour zone. It was interesting to hear how they defended themselves. They accused the policeman of not arresting truck violators who travels 70 or 80 mile an hour on a 55 mile an hour highway. They accused the policeman of waiting in hiding to catch them. When you listen to them they had one excuse after another for their violation of the law. They were not going to be accountable to any body. Shortly afterwards I started to listen to some of the hearings in Washington, about the CIA, the FBI and who knew what and what knowledge was given and what knowledge was concealed, how they lacked resources and man power to carry out their work and the blame game continued. It seems that our culture has developed the cultural habit of transferring blame onto someone else so we can exonerate ourselves. If you go back into the last ten years of the history of our country, the government blames faulty intelligence in part for our war in Iraq, the CIA and the FBI partially blame each other for not communicating correctly. The Catholic Church and the pedophiliac problem are constantly blaming others that they lack insufficient information and that they followed the best psychiatric help they could get concerning how to handle the pedophiliac priest problem. The blame game is all over our country. What ever happened to accountability?

If we really love our country and if we really love our Church, we have to remember that the buck stops with us as Harry Truman used to say. God has given each one of us talents and abilities that others might not have been given. We have to use them with total integrity and total honesty so that the total truth will always come forth from us. In other words, we have to be like St. Thomas More, stand for principals and convictions no matter what the cost.

Our culture right now at this moment in history can do a lot for the world, more than by wars or by nation building. We have to bring forth in our culture a group of young men and young women who will bring the truth of Christ to every part of the world. We have to bring the gospel of Christ to every part of the world. When Jesus Christ said, "My peace I give to you, my peace I leave unto you", he was reminding us that there are other ways of bringing peace into other cultures than that of war. Each one has to recognize, before he dies, he has to leave this world a better place. If you live a life devoted to truth, if you live a life devoted to integrity, the rest of the world can take care of itself.

We want to extend to all the mothers throughout a Happy and Blessed Mother's Day. You give us life, you give us love, we are totally indebted to you.


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