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  A Christian Faith Magazine July 2004, Volume 9, Issue 12  
The Whole Truth

Rev. Mark Connolly
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In the last few years every major organization has been attacked and vilified. The Catholic Church, the CIA, the FBI, the government. Newspapers and media have had glorious opportunities to play the role of judge and executioner concerning these four organizations. There is no doubt about it, anyone who does any serious thinking, knows these organizations made serious mistakes. There is no question that certain practices, certain habits of these organizations have to be changed and even abandoned.

What amazes me is that these people who play the role of judge and executioner never have anyone examining their own faults and their own failings. When you think of the biases and prejudices that certain major networks have, when you think of the bigotries that certain newspapers have, how they are anti-Catholic at one moment, anti-CIA at one moment, denouncing the FBI, it never dawns on them to do any self examination of their own faults and own failings. How much objectivity do you find in the national newspapers of our day? How many prejudices are in-built every day they go to press? How much bigotry is being exercised from the editorial point of view towards any organization? All of us search for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. But can we ever be assured we are getting it from the media or any newspapers outlet? There is no question, no body tries to defend that which is wrong, but there is no question that many of the newspapers and media constantly repeat that which they know is wrong just to get their points of view into the minds of the reader or the viewer.

When you write an editorial like this, you can always be accused of prejudice or bigotry yourself and everyone who has a validly formed conscience tries to do his or her best in trying to bring the truth, the whole truth. The whole truth. What has ever happened to that quality that brings forth people of integrity? We certainly do not find it in the media, we certainly do not find it in newspapers and it comes right down to a personal reminder for ourselves. How do you develop a solidly formed conscience that will help you bring the whole truth to those with whom you live and work? The Gospels are a good place to start. Deep rooted spirituality is another place to start. One thing we know, those newspapers and those television outlets that are telling us they are giving us fair and balanced reports are a far cry from the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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