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  A Christian Faith Magazine December 2004, Volume 10, Issue 5  
Thought for the Month
Christmas Is...
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Christmas is a magic time

when anything can happen,

When reindeer fly and children try
to see straight through gift wrappin'.

Christmas is a magic time for kids

and dogs and toys,

And a big red guy with an elf nearby
who enchants the girls and boys.

Christmas is a well-trimmed tree,

with presents underneath.

It's mistletoe, and ribbon bows,
and a home-made holly wreath.

Christmas is a family time

and a time for true thanksgiving

For the gift of life and that holy night,
and the privilege of living,

Through one more joyous Christmas day;

It's a gift from God above,

Because Christmas time is the day sublime
when we share Christ's gift....of love.

- Criswell Freeman


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