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  A Christian Faith Magazine January 2005, Volume 10, Issue 6  
The Year 2005

Rev. Mark Connolly
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As we enter the year 2005, all of us hear over and over again the word resolution. New Year's resolutions are made and without trying to be negative, within a short time most of them are broken. One theme that should be kept in our minds during this year 2005 is that for all of us we don't have the luxury of time that we think we have. When you consider the amount of time we spend, eating, sleeping, waiting in line, waiting for telephone calls to be returned, so much of the time we have or that we think we have is no longer there. Yet, it is only through the right usage of time that we will discover some of the answers to the problems our society has.

This is the year to be creative and innovative so that you can work on your own home to bring a greater source of joy and peace by more creative thinking. We cannot just sit back year after year and say the divorce rate is about 50%. We cannot just sit back year after year and hear that there are so many children abused and do nothing. Each one of us, in the language of Christ, is our brother's keeper. God has given to each one of us talents that he has not given to others. Those talents have to be developed in your own home and then used in the society in which God has placed us. We have an expression, more things are brought about by prayer than this world dreams of.

This year of 2005 can find us developing a more prayerful habit that brings us in closer contact with God, but also brings us in greater contact with ourselves through serious thinking, through constant prayerfulness, each one of us can develop ideas that our home life needs, our country needs and our world needs. The year 2005 is not a question today of how much weight we are going to lose or whatever resolution we decide. The year 2005 should find us thinking and praying so we can come up with some of the greatest answers to some of our greatest problems.

One of the expressions we have today is that we are all in the "box", which we are more traditional than we should be and more ultra conservative than we should be. Using our brains to think, using our mind to pray, will give us insights that will develop into attitudes that will enable us while we are on this earth in this year 2005 to experience the kind of peace that Christ has in mind when he said, my peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you. The year 2005 should be one of serious thinking and serious prayer if we are going to have a better world.

Happy New Year

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