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  A Christian Faith Magazine April 2005, Volume 10, Issue 9  
Thought for the Month
Never Let Me Go
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Don't ever let me go, dear Lord,
when I've a mind to stray.
Hold me tight and do not ever
let me get away.
Correct my faulty vision,
show me, however hard,
the grass is never greener
in my next-door neighbor's yard.

Help me to stop complaining
when I don't get my way.
Fill my heart with gratitude
for every dawning day.

Show me how to disregard
the hurting words of others,
remembering that You have said
that all men are my brothers.

Keep me plain and simple
as long as I shall live,
caring not for what I get,
but all that I can give.
Let me light the darkness
with love's bright candle glow,
and knowing through it all that You
will never let me go!

- Grace E. Easley

Green Grass

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