November 2005 - Volume 10, Issue 4

Editorial - November

By Rev. Mark Connolly

Leaves changing color

The month of November should mean many things to many Catholics, all of which remind us of one quality, the quality of gratitude. If you study the history of the Church this month, in particular, has been devoted to the poor souls in purgatory as they were called. Those are the men and women who are waiting to see God, who have done a wonderful service to God's people while on earth. When you think of these "poor souls", in other words our grandparents and even our parents who have gone to God, these are the people whom we owe a tremendous debt of gratitude.

Think of it, they not only built our families, they built many of our churches, schools and universities, they helped our country in time of war and they did everything to preserve the peace. Throughout their life plan in their own individual ways, they made our Church a better Church and our country a better country.

The month of November should remind all of us that we never take any of God's gifts for granted. Right now those who are reading this editorial have eyes to see and ears to hear. You have gifts that many people lack. That one thought alone should be an opportunity of showing your gratitude to almighty God. The month of November should remind us when we hear so many adverse things about young people that there are thousands and thousands of young people in Iraq, Afghanistan and South Korea all defending our four freedoms. When you and I sit down for our Thanksgiving dinner those young men and young women will never have the conveniences or have the family unit that you and I are sharing. We not only owe them a debt of gratitude, we owe them a lot of prayers.

The month of November should remind us of the thousands of wonderful parents that are doing their best, most of them working two jobs at one time, to bring up families that will give honor and glory to God. When you think of many of our young people who are not on drugs, who are not violating the law who make up the vast majority of good teenagers trying to do their best, each one of us should be grateful to God for what God has given to us in those young people.

The month of November should remind us that we have one of the most beautiful countries in the world. When you go from the Atlantic to the Pacific, North to South, we have beautiful States and beautiful area that are just filled with the majesty of God and for that we should be grateful.

The month of November should remind everyone reading this page to take two minutes, even three, to thank God for the gifts of your family, the gifts of your Church and the gifts of your country. God has blessed us during this month of November in many, many ways. For that we should make this November a deeply spiritual one and one of deep gratitude.