May 2006 - Volume 10, Issue 10

Prayer For Children And Grandchildren


Photo of a father and a baby

Saint Ann,
you know my concerns
as a parent and/or grandparent.
So many dangers threaten young people today.
Will those children I love
get a good education?
Will they find fulfilling jobs?
Will they follow the ways of your Grandson?

Because I am worried
about the future of my children and/or grandchildren,
I entrust them to you,
Saint Ann.
Take good care of them.
Keep them healthy
and always on the right path,
faithful to God's commandments and love.
If they have strayed from His teachings and church,
please help them to return.

Do for them
what you did so well for your daughter, Mary.
Teach them how to find true happiness
in loving the Lord and their neighbor.

My hope and prayer
is based on the goodness of God.
I trust Him to protect my children and/or grandchildren,
whom I love more than myself.
Please intercede for them
and all the children of the world.