June 2006 - Volume 10, Issue 11

Thought For The Month


Photo of a young boy

Little Man how fast you grow
And went the way all children do
Into a world you've yet to know,
You needed room to stretch and grow.
I watched with pride as you felt your way
And tested strengths in work and play.
We shared our fun as buddies do -
When you were cut, I bled some, too.
Shooting the rapids or climbing high,
Grazing at stars in a western sky;
We gave it our best just like a team,
A young man's game - an old man's dream.
I'll always treasure those memories past,
Could prayers but make the good times last.
But boys were meant to grow up strong
And daddies can't just tag along.
So I hope you know and understand
I'm always near if you need a hand,
And all God's gift could I choose but one...
It would be a father's love for his son.

– C. David Hay, Prayer for Father's Day