October 2006 - Volume 11, Issue 3

Thought For The Month

For Workers

Photo of a sunriseI pray to God ardently for the happiness of all:
that your just aspirations may be realized;
that the moments and the reasons of crisis may be overcome;
that work will never be an alienation for anyone;
that, on the contrary, it may be honored by everyone as it deserves,
so that justice and even more love may triumph in it;
that the environment of work will really be fit for humanity,
and that humanity may be able to appreciate it as an extension of their own family;
that work may help men and women to be more truly who they are;
and that, with the commitment of everyone,
it may be possible to arrive at the construction of a new society and a new world,
in the full realization of justice, freedom, and peace.


– John Paul II