December 2006 - Volume 11, Issue 5

Ambassador Of Christ

By Rev. Mark Connolly

Photo of a snow covered pine tree with Christmas lightsAll of us will agree that the season of Christmas is advertised long before the event of Christmas takes place. Most of us will agree that it has become overly commercialized. But what we can never forget about Christmas is that it is the occasion that God used to bring his Son into this world and to teach a Gospel of love that has been active and prevalent for over two thousand years. When you look at all of the acts of love committed by people over the centuries, it is a great tribute not only to Christ and his Gospel of love, but to those who brought charity and compassion in the form of love to those in need. It is very easy to criticize the lack of active charity on a part of certain people. But if you go throughout history you soon recognize that even though we have wars filled with hatred and desolation, we still come back that there are so many good people who during difficult times have spread the Gospel of love and especially during this season of Christmas. We all know that this war in Iraq is polarizing our country. But we also know from the power of Christ's love that if we bring that Christ-like love into the lives of people who have never experienced it, we will have more peace on earth than we ever imagined.

Each one of us in our own way has to be an ambassador of Christ. It does not mean you have to stand on a pulpit or teach in a class room. All you have to do is bring that degree of love into a loveless relationship and it will have transforming effects. We hear over and over during this time of Iraq to fight fire with fire. But when you do that often times you get more fire. If you fight violence with violence often times you get more violence. So our life n this earth, according to the plan of God, is not supposed to be spreading violence or hatred. Our life is supposed to be spreading the gospel of love, the gospel of peace that Christ spread during his time on earth. All of us hear people criticize how materialistic Christmas has become and in part some of us add to that commercialization of Christmas. But that should never prevent us for highlighting the spirit of Christmas on that first Christmas day. Christ coming into the world to bring unconditional love. Christ coming into the world to bring extraordinary forgiveness. Christ coming into the world to bring a sense of joy. Christ coming into the world so that each one of us can say, peace be with you.

This is the importance of Christmas for all of us. We all hope and pray that everyone has a wonderful and happy Christmas, but if we really want to make Christmas happy for that stranger keep in mind some of the words of Christ, "when I was hungry, you gave me to eat; when I was thirsty, you gave me to drink; when I was naked, you clothe me". Oftentimes we don't know where to bring the spirit of love in our daily lives. One of the best places is in our own home. Christ-like charity and Christ-like compassion should be a way of life for every family member during this Christmas season. Christ like kindness and compassion will bring a type of serenity that oftentimes most family members never experience the whole purpose of Christ coming into the world. I hope and pray you will relive that message of spreading his love into your homes and the place where you work. You will not only feel good about yourself doing it, you will make Christ very proud of you.

Photo of a red bow and ribbon