June 2007 - Volume 11, Issue 11

Prayer To Christ On His Cross Of Love

By Rev. Richard Scheiner C.P.

Photo of a statue of Christ on the crossLord Jesus, for how many ages have You remained imprisoned upon Your cross, and still we pass You by, ignoring You? How often have I overlooked Your tender presence in my life, paying little attention to Your great sorrow, Your pain, Your powerful love? How often have I, by my ignorance added to Your sorrow, deepened Your pain and refused Your love.

You constantly stretch forth Your hands to re-create me, to touch me with Your love, and still I close my eyes to Your presence and force You to remain imprisoned upon Your cross. Yet my name is written in Your heart forever and You will not allow me to ignore You and run from You. You have loved me with an everlasting love, and I continue to place obstacles in Your path Lord. Your cross shows me the power of Your love, that it is stronger than my fear, that it can overcome my need to run from You. Lord let the love that flows from Your cross surround me, break down the walls of my fear, and fill my heart.

Lord Jesus Christ crucified, teach us how to love one another as you have loved us, even to the cross.

Taken from Story of a Journey by Rev. Richard Scheiner C.P.