October 2007 - Volume 12, Issue 3

Editorial – The War In Iraq

By Rev. Mark Connolly

Photo of a Hummer vehicle in Iraq One of the greatest tragedies that has taken place in our time is the tragedy of the war in Iraq. We all know the great tragedy of Katrina. That was started by nature. Our war in Iraq was started by man. Over the years when countries experienced earthquakes and floods, people generally come together and help each other. We see that taking place wherever Katrina did its damage. Yes, it is not perfect, but at least there is a sufficient amount of good will on the part of people helping people who are in distress.

This war in Iraq is becoming more divisive then ever. Every politician, democrat or republican, has the answers. They know how to talk to the leaders of these Middle East countries and they know how to start troop withdrawal projects and they just about know everything pertaining to this war and its conclusion. On top of that, these politicians, democrat or republican, will tell you about a new' health care plan they are going to inaugurate, the new energy plan they are going to develop that will mean less dependency on the Middle East. They have a new education plan so no child will ever he left behind. They have plans for the future of our country. Whether it is democrat or republican, that is going to make our country the greatest county in the history of our civilization.

As much as you would like to believe them, you know from past experiences that these promises oftentimes go by the board. Of course, we don't want to be cynical or negative concerning their terms in office, but we have heard so many of these themes repeated in the past and then when these individuals get into office the status quo generally does not change.

But in the meanwhile, each one in this country has to keep a vital interest in what these politicians are saying and eventually might do. This country belongs to each one of us. When you go back in history and you see the efforts of a John Adams or a Thomas Jefferson or an Abraham Lincoln and all of these great leaders of the past, they overcame great odds to give us this country. We cannot let it go down the drain because of individuals who really' have never studied history and still don't realize that war is worse than any Katrina any country could experience.

We have stirred up by this war the wrath of many nations. Each one of us must he an instrument of peace to the members of those nations who have become so angered by us and the war we have created. We are not talking the radical Islamist or the radical Americans. We are talking about our relationship with normal people who are involved in this crisis that we are now engaged in. Each one of us has to reach out to be an instrument of peace. We have to show' other people we are Christ-like. We are normal. We are not war mongers. The vast majority of people in this country want peace for their family the way the people in Iraq want peace for their family or the people in Iran want peace for their family. Our prayers for them and their prayers for us can as Tennyson and St. Paul said move mountains. In moving those mountains, we might recognize the value and tolerate the value that God has instilled in each of us. One thing we know, this problem of war has been waged by a few. Each one of us through our prayers and our acts of kindness to those who are part of this war might start us on the road to peace.