Spirituality for Today – February 2008 – Volume 12, Issue 7

Thought For The Month – Spiritual Discipline

By Sindy Williams

I'm fighting like a boxer.
Something solid do I hit.
Not just swinging in the air.
I keep my Spirit fit.

I treat my body hard.
Make it like a slave.
I will not follow foolishness.
God's truth helps me be brave.

A photo of red boxing gloves

Training helps me in some ways.
In this life and the future too.
Serving God, it brings me peace.
And helps me go on through.

I have people all around me.
Who show what faith means.
The race that's set before me.
Is run together as a team.

I will never give up hope.
I'll remove what holds me back.
Jesus is the only One.
Who keeps my faith on track.