Spirituality for Today – March 2008 – Volume 12, Issue 8

The Nineteenth Pope

Saint Anterus

Image of Saint Anterus, the Nineteenth PopePope St. Anterus (235-236) – In considering the reign of Pope Anterus images of Pope John Paul I arise. The papal reign of Pope Anterus lasted only two months. His death was due to natural causes. There is, however, some ancient references to his martyrdom, but it cannot be verified. Pope Anterus was the sixth of the twelve popes, as of this writing, of Greek ethnicity.

Accepting the brevity of his reign, Pope Anterus did make his mark in death. He was the first pope to be buried in a new papal crypt constructed in the cemetery of Callistus located on the Via Appia. Although his predecessor, Pope St. Pontian also is buried at the same cemetery, Pontian's body had not been returned from Sardinia before the death and burial of Pope Anterus.

Habemus papam