Spirituality for Today – June 2008 – Volume 12, Issue 11

Summer Time In Heaven

By Yolanda Cohen

A photo of a tall glass of ice cold lemonadeOh, How I love the Summer time
My favorite time of year
I wonder just where I might be?
When the season comes next year

Will I see the blooming of the roses,
And smell them once again?
They sleep thru winter, awake in spring
Will they bloom for me again?

Sipping on a lemonade
Sitting under the shade of a tree
Nature at its very best
Decorated with birds and honey bees

Birds with chicks just learning to fly
Each one with its own song
The stream all ready to go fishing
Happily is running, rushing along

A summer breeze is so refreshing
Leaving fragrance as it passes by
Shades of blue with fluffy white
Gently the clouds go floating by

The mighty hand of God at work
Every year this time
Makes me think of how it might be
When it's heaven going time

My Father knows how much
I love this time of year
When it's summer time in heaven
That's when He'll take me there