Spirituality for Today – November 2008 – Volume 13, Issue 4

Thought for the Month - Remember When

By R. L. Belford

A photo of a tree without leaves against a misty sunrise backdrop

Remember when,

We first met and the feelings we would get.
The day that we were wed.
And all the days that lay ahead.

Remember when,

We had were our dreams of what may come.
The way they kept us young
And though we did not realize every one.
How we felt, achieving some.

Remember when,

We used to fight, especially the times that I was right.
And when Christmas makes you sad.
Be thankful for all the ones we had.

Remember when,

It is said and done, with all the laughter.
And the tears, there was never anyone.
I loved more throughout the years.

Remember when we meet again.
It will be, as it was then.

Remember when.

©2004 Richard Lawrence Belford