Spirituality for Today – December 2008 – Volume 13, Issue 5

Second Sunday of Advent – December 7
Dear Brave and Tireless Warriors – Tis of Thee – Our Homeland of America is Still Free

By Patricia Sylvia Dickinson

A photo of an Advent Wreath with 2 lighted candlesFreedom is a choice and life is an expensive gift to be cherished and protected from our malignant foes.

Through hardships, conflicts, battered beaches and bloody battlefields men and women – our Veterans have protected and secured our homeland. In love of their Country they have always chosen not to compromise the good of our Country for evil. No one has a right to call this land their homeland who is not willing to sacrifice, support and defend our America Constitution and defeat those who try to subvert our government and destroy our American Cause.

It is equally important to Trust as to Love. In God we place our trust and in love "we the people" honor and exalt these real honorable men and women of value for their supreme sacrifice and our military today who rise above the call of duty serving our Country at war or peace. Brave and faithful warriors you stand high, here and hereafter, in the making of our history and future and Tis of Thee – our homeland of America is still free!!!