Spirituality for Today – April 2012 – Volume 16, Issue 9

The 68th Pope
Saint Deusdedit [Adeodatus I]

An image of Saint Deusdedit [Adeodatus I], the 68th PopeSaint Deusdedit [Adeodatus I], 68th Pope

Pope Deusdedit [Adeodatus I], 68th Pope (615-618)
The new pope emerged from the ranks of the diocesan clergy. Thus, the monastic flavor of the papacy of Pope Gregory the Great was replaced by a diocesan atmosphere. Deusdedit promoted diocesan clergy to religious offices. Very little is known about the few years of the pontificate of the elderly, humble, and devout Deusdedit. Records do reveal that he, with outstanding zeal and charity, coped with an earthquake and also a plague that occurred in the Eternal City. He did ordain a number of priests and it has been discovered that he was the first pope to use seals of lead on his papal documents.

At the time of his death, Deusdedit made a most gracious bequest of the sum of an annual salary to each of the priests of his diocese. [Note: I have sent a letter to our current bishop mentioning this grand gesture.]

He body rests in peace within the walls of Saint Peters.

Habemus papam