Spirituality for Today – July 2012 – Volume 16, Issue 12

The 71th Pope
Pope Severinus

An image of Pope Severinus, the 71th PopePope Severinus, the 71th Pope

Pope Severinus (640) – He was an elderly man at the time of his election. Pope Severinus immediately had problems with the emperor by refusing to acquiesce to the Ecthesis – a document of the Byzantine emperor proclaiming that Jesus Christ had two natures but one will. This is called Monothelitism. Pope Severinus waited nearly two years before the emperor would approve his consecration. He also had problems at home. He was rudely treated by his imperial troops seeking the back pay that they had not been given. Tensions reach their zenith with the plunder of the papal treasury by the troops and Roman officials. Pope Severinus was favorable to the diocesan clergy and he did improve their compensation.

Pope Severinus finally was consecrated and two months later he died. Thus, the unfortunate pontiff ended his reign. He is buried in Saint Peter Basilica.

Habemus papam