Spirituality for Today – May 2014 – Volume 18, Issue 10

Thought for the Month
Mothers' Orchids

Yolanda Cohen

A photo of an orchid

Mother planted her Orchids
and then they grew,
'Til she saw the tender buds
Come peeking through,

To be warmed by the sun
and cooled by the showers
and grow into something beautiful
These velvety flowers

Then she prayed, 'Father in heaven,
you have sure favored me,
by making them grow
and letting me see,

How You dressed them all up
in garments so fine
Thank You my Lord
For the Orchid's design.

I'll nourish them now
the best I can,
but their beauty and growth
is still in Your hand.

And Oh, the fragrance
that will fill up the room
When You and I lord,
Bring them into full bloom.'