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Pope John Paul II

Rev. Mark Connolly

Television has given us many wonderful memories over the years. One in particular has been the memorable visit of Pope John Paul II.

While he was here, his inspiration, his humility, his spirituality had an impact on believers and non-believers. Almost no one disliked him. No one complained about the amount of coverage television gave him. His presence seemed to be a refreshing and uplifting experience. Whenever you watched him - whether it was Central Park or St. Patrick's - he captured the attention of hundreds of thousands of people. He shared with us many of the qualities he believes in. His talks to the U.N. about the compassion of Christ. His talks to the young seminarians about the importance of commitment. His talks to everyone about having family values.

When you put them all together, he gave us a legacy. He gave us spirituality for today in his own simple humble way.

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