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Consider . . .

by Christopher Revel

Have you ever considered what is important to you? Where does religion fit into your life? For most people it was probably somewhere above politics, yet below shopping. As I look out into the world, I see a nation in which God and His word no longer pull weight. Dwindling religious importance and increasing secularism have taken hold of our great nation. I am sure there are many great excuses for this trend, but what almost all of them boil down to is "what's in it for me?" The answer, however, is not so simple to convey in words.

All relationships are based on a certain amount of give, take and love. We would never develop productive relationships without these qualities. If, for example, your best friend and you were to get into a fight, why did it happen? The reason could be because you were both trying to take too much from each other.

Love is always the overriding factor. The more love someone has for you, the more they will let you take in a relationship. God, however, has much more love for all of us and as a result allows us to take more than any human relationship would allow. Therefore, we need to give back to God in order to maintain this special relationship. When you think about this, it is such a small sacrifice just pray or talk to God. It is your response to His love for you.

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