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Thought for the Month

Light your lamps,
my dear ones,
See, the Lord is coming,
is already here.
On the day of his appearance
he will place the just
in the paradise of the blessed ones.
At his coming all who awaited him,
and trusted him,
will thrill with unending joy.
He will weave a garland of praise
for the good
who have trusted his Name
and his salvation.
The Firstborn went down
to the world below
and when they saw him,
they longed to rise with him.
He came down from heaven,
saved us,
and arose;
now he is seated again
at the Father's side.
He was slain by the fruit
that Adam tasted;
he came to us,
like fruit falling from a tree.
it is coming,
it is near at hand,
that blessed day
of final resurrection!
Great is the day
of his appearance,
when all that is hidden
will be revealed.
Then shall we rise
and meet him,
and hear his voice
over all creation.
We shall rise from death
and hasten home,
where all treasures
there await us.
The Lord has been taken from the tomb!
He shall come again,
and we will be with him!

-from the Syriac Liturgy